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1. Reddit Image Downloader

This is a simple console app that detects direct links to images within a subreddit, and downloads them. The really exciting thing about this project for me was a story told by this repository. This app started as a small shy script, due to my misjudgment about how large this kind of app should be. As script grew larger, it started to split in packages and modules… and finally it grew into fully object oriented app.

Oh, and there’s one more super interesting thing about this app: a deque data structure is a heart of its engine.

2. Imgur Downloader

This smaller project is logical continuation of the previous. Before single letter was written, I decided to make it fully object oriented and tested. I’ve used test driven development approach, and almost each method from Imgur class had tests written before any logic was laid down.

3. Bitter (Try it out!)

A tiny twitter clone, I've made just to feel a taste of Django framework. Unlike the project name, Django is sweet.

4. GeoGraph (Try this one too!)

SPARQL + DJANGO + D3.js, what a time to be alive!

This is a simple site that sends SPARQL query to dbpedia, and returns up to 20 companies within the desired area. Hover over red points to see descriptions.

5. Mock-up DMS

This is old, and very crude, mock-up project of Document Management System. Essentially, this is the real beginning of me truly falling in love with programming. This projects is a result of a question that has boggled my mind for quite some time: What the heck is Object-Oriented programming???